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CEO Netherlands

Status: closed

Location: Rotterdam
Contact: Diana Martinez


Company profile - CEO Netherlands

For over 50 years our client is an acknowledged expert in the design, development and operations of on- and off-street car parks. With operations in 7 European countries, this Belgian multinational is one of the largest public car park operators in Europe. In approximately 370 cities, the group operates more than 560 car parks with more than 275.000 parking spaces. The firm is ranked in the top three in the European market. The company’s HQ are based in Brussels. It has approximately 1.800 staff and operates as a subsidiary of AG Real Estate.

The company invests heavily in its sites and is an experienced specialist for each stage in the lifespan of a car park, from beginning to end: from site studying, through design, financing, construction and site coordination, to management. They are also a key partner in urban mobility policies within Europe providing urban living areas that are more accessible, more secure and more environmental friendly.

In The Netherlands the company is growing rapidly. The Dutch HQ are located in Rotterdam. The company culture can be described as open, entrepreneurial and non-bureaucratic.


The position - CEO Netherlands

MAR Recruitment Solutions has been requested to search for a CEO for the Dutch operation. The position will report directly to the CEO of the Group.

Plan, organise, manage and control all strategic (e.g. acquisition) and operational (e.g. sales, operations) activities related to the management of parking places and the subsidiaries in the country and if required ensure the legal representation in the country, in order to assure the growth objectives, the profitability level and company image agreed by the Group and with respect of the legal constraints applicable in the country.

Responsibilities / Accountabilities


1. Country strategy (3 years)

Define, implement and control the commercial, operational and financial strategy in the country, in accordance with the Group and its strategic guidelines, in order to protect and develop the Group assets in the country on mid and long term.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Get information on the business, the clients, and the environmental, economical, technological, social and legal changes.
 Plan short, medium and long term objectives
 Evaluate the overall strategy.


2. Business plan, operational plan and annual budgets (1 year)

Define, present to the Group and, based on the approval, implement and control the roll out of the business plans, operational plans (marketing, sales, operations, HR) and annual budgets, in order to define clear annual objectives and plans in view of the realisation of the business in the country.

Following activities are part of the accountability
 Establish, present and defend the business plan and operational plans
 Translate the business plan and operational plans into departmental objectives
 Establish the departmental budgets
 Control the roll out of plan and budgets
 Set up corrective action plans


3. Reporting to the Group

Prepare and attend Group meetings and present the status and progress of business compared to the set objectives and budgets, in order to clearly inform the Group on the financial status of the country and to synchronise mutual expectations.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Present the financial status and annual accounts
 Present the commercial status
 Propose improvements in the field of HR, technology and organisation
 Translate the expectations of the Group at country level


4. Board of Directors of the country

Prepare, organise and chair country Board meetings and ensure adequate reporting and minutes, in order to comply with legal constraints and to integrate the expectations of the shareholders and the Group.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Plan and organise the Board meetings
 Chair the Board meetings
 Ensure the writing of minutes
 Inform the Group about decisions taken and if required integrate expectations of the Group
 Ensure legal obligations and publications


5. Acquisition

Search, propose and after approval of the Group, negotiate, finalise and integrate the acquisition of new parking sites, in order to ensure the volume growth and the market coverage of the company in the country.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Maintain contacts with market players
 Detect potential acquisition targets
 Prepare and present dossiers to the Group
 Negotiate acquisition dossiers
 Ensure the integration of new sites


6. Human resources

Enrol and develop competencies, experience and knowledge of employees and ensure their financial as well as non financial motivation, in order to manage a balanced and efficient functioning of the organisation.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Empower employees
 Detect development needs
 Ensure the application of feedback, coaching, and evaluation meetings with employees
 Define and implement the reward policy and guidelines


7. Marketing, new products and communication

Define and implement all activities related to the marketing, communication and development of new products in the country, in order to provide the sales people with the adequate tools to assure the competitive position and attractiveness of the company.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Define and implement marketing and product development initiatives
 Define and implement the communication initiatives
 Control the implementation of all marketing and communication programs


8. Operational management and management team

Plan, coordinate and control all operational activities (marketing, sales and operations) in the country and coordinate the proper functioning of the management team, in order to ensure the realisation of the objectives and the adequate decision making process.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Plan and chair the management team meetings
 Take inter departmental decisions
 Coordinate the day to day activities in the country


9. Structure, organisation and efficiency

Develop and implement a clear, efficient and performing organisation, in order to enable the realisation of the quantitative and qualitative objectives.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Set clear objectives
 Define individual accountabilities of the key jobs
 Define and implement efficiency improvement projects


10. Investment projects

Prepare, defend and after approval roll out the investment projects related to the existing sites, in order to improve the functioning and attractiveness of these sites.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Study improvement proposals
 Prepare and defend improvement plans and related investments
 Roll out improvement plans


11. Quality and safety

Organise all activities related to the management of quality and security in the country, in order to ensure the best level of professionalism and service with respect of human and asset security.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Translate the quality and security guidelines of the Group at country level
 Ensure training of managers in applying the quality and security measures
 Set up quality and security audits
 Define and implement corrective actions in the field of quality and security


12. Legal reporting

Organise all activities related the legal reporting on financial, fixed assets, environmental and all other issues required, in order to respond adequately to the requests of the related public bodies.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Ensure the preparation of documents and reports related to the legal reporting
 If necessary present and defend the dossiers
 Inform the Group and the Country Board on legal reporting matters


13. External representation

Represent the company to the key stakeholders upstream and downstream, to the public bodies, to the competitors and to the unions, in order to defend and to reinforce the company image.

Following activities are part of the accountability:
 Participate to professional fairs and congresses
 Perform lectures
 Follow up technical and market developments
 Participate to meetings of associations and federations in the country



Languages: Excellent knowledge of the Dutch and English language.
Knowledge of any other European language is a definite plus.

Education: Academic level. Preferably post-doc degree.

The ideal candidate is a great General Manager with experience in performing acquisitions and managing operational activities in the Real Estate Industry. Experience in the Parking sector is a definite plus. Our candidate is a strong communicator at all levels, has excellent presentation, influencing and networking skills. Is organization sensitive, has a non hierarchical attitude, has maturity and is capable of giving advise without causing resistance. He / She has a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, shows a 100% commitment, has ambition and drive.


Remuneration - CEO Netherlands

On excellent level fitting the job description. An attractive remuneration package is available for the candidate.

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